This wiki is an area for the design and development of the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) XML data set technical specification. The current version is release 1.1.

Introduction to the HEAR

The HEAR is a means for recording student achievement in higher education (HE) and is intended to provide more detailed information about a student’s learning and achievement than the traditional degree classification system. It will be issued to students on graduation and will include and extend the existing record of academic achievement - the academic transcript - and the European Diploma Supplement.

The Centre for Recording Achievement, the Higher Education Academy (the Academy), and the Joint Information Systems Committee are developing the HEAR. This is being overseen by the Burgess Implementation Steering Group. A pilot group of 18 institutions, using data from students who graduated in 2008 in four subject areas, have trialled the report, and a second trial took place in 2009-10.

Further information about the HEAR:

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